Thousands of missionaries every year visit the Islamic countries with the ambition of reaching Muslims with the Gospel. However, the number of Muslims who actually come to faith in Christ is shockingly very low. What is the reason behind this tragic reality? Unfortunately, those who set out to reach Muslims with the gospel are very uninformed as to what the religion of Islam really is. This prevents the Christian from being able to fully relate to Muslims in a way that gives them the opportunity to share Christ effectively.

The JCM center will provide courses to educate Christians who desire to see Muslims come to faith in Christ. They will be trained in Islamic scriptures, history, Sharia law etc. and will also be taught various languages spoken in Islamic nations, which will enable them to integrate easily in Islamic countries.

The Muslims who are drawn towards Christ or are interested in having more information about Christianity will be assisted by the JCM center in that they will be provided the Bibles, Christian books, CD´s & DVD´s related to the spirit of Christianity in their native languages, and an online preaching in Urdu/Hindi/Bangla/Arabic/Tamil/Indonesian etc.

It will never be easy for a Muslim to abandon Islam and embrace Christianity due to the fears, social and legal bindings. The law, authorities, family and society ostracize, persecute and even kill those Muslims who accept Christ as their saviour.

The JCM center will help those Muslims who put their lives at risk due to their love for Christ and will provide the legal help, medical assistance and also financial support in order to find them a safe shelter and maintain their faith despite all the difficulties.

JCM center´s well prepared missionaries will travel to the Islamic nations around the globe with the mission of connecting with Muslims and bringing them to the light of Christ. The mission of the JCM center is to teach the good news of Jesus Christ to every single Muslim on this earth so that they are prepared for the Day of Judgment.

Only through your help can we make the JCM center become a reality. Your kind and generous gifts can enable us to create this unique and useful place for the cause of our Lord Jesus Christ. Your contribution can help us to spread Bible messages to every corner of the Islamic world and bring Muslims towards the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ. If you have any question or need further information about our work, please do not hesitate to contact us.