Accept Jesus – An Invitation to the Muslims

Accept Jesus, peaceful life and good news of eternal life that He offers; this is the message that Rafique Masih, a Pakistani Pastor based in Barcelona, Spain, delivers through this video to the Muslims who are lost in darkness and the life full of illusions.

Ask Jesus for the true meaningful life as He has enough for everybody. No matter what religion you follow right now, what family you belong to, where you are from, and what is your race, sex or colour, He loves all of us. He wants all of us to be part of His Kingdom. He wants all of us to be saved. He wants all of us to be sinless and live the pure and clean life that our Heavenly Father wants us to live. Accept Jesus and give a meaning to your life. Don´t let this life go into waste. Don´t allow yourself to regret on the day of judgment. The moment is now to recognize what the truth is. The moment is now to get rid of our sins. The moment is now to be sincere with Christ and assure our place in eternal life. Devil will create obstacles on your way as he doesn´t want you to be saved and continue with a life that is full of sins but defeat devil. Don´t let any power come on your way. Accept Jesus and surrender your problems and dillema before him. He will take care of everything as He loves you. Amen.