What does the Bible say about respecting women?

What does the Bible say about respecting women?

When God created humanity, He said that he created men and women in his image and in his likeness. God wanted to have a good and pure relationship with men and women alike, the sad reality is that many women in today´s world are being abused sexually, this is sad, this is atrocious, and this is something that humans and specially Christians should speak against.

One of the things that helps me keep praying and keep my heart going out to this people, is picturing that if these women were either my sister or my mother. This is just a sad reality that many women today aren´t able to live the life they should, they´re being treated as dogs, they´re being treated as people that have no control over their life, this is something we need to speak against and we need to pray for.

So if you´re watching this today I just want to bring awareness to you, that there are many women across the planet being mistreated sexually, that we need to pray for them, we need to support them, we need to ask God to intervene and do a miracle, we need to stand for justice as Christians, we can’t let this pass, and not do anything against it, picture this as if it was your sister, this was your mother or your grandmother, you would be doing anything you could from preventing the injustice from happening to them, yet night after night, day after day many women around this entire planet experience abused sexually, and this is something that needs to be addressed, and we need to pray for.

In the Bible it´s pretty clear that Jesus himself has a heart for all humanity, including women, in fact, the Bible says, He wanted to go through Samaria, He had to go through Samaria in one of his trips, in one of his journeys and the purpose of Him doing this was to meet a Samaritan woman, a woman who wasn’t a Jew, a woman who had actually been with 5 other men in previous marriages, yet Jesus chose to go to this person, who may be felt abused or maybe had been in a life of sin, so if Jesus himself, wanted to go to this woman, wanted to heal prostitutes, wanted to save different women throughout His journey here on earth.

We should also follow His example. It´s clear throughout the New Testament that Jesus has a heart for women, that He wants them to experience healing; He wants them to experience homeness. The question becomes, do we have the heart of Jesus? Do we want to follow His example? Do we want to do the same thing He did here on earth?

Anthony Santiago