Blasphemy Law – The Loaded Gun Pointed At The Christians In Pakistan

Pakistan´s blasphemy law is a loaded gun, always pointed at this country’s Christians.  Anyone convicted under this law receives the death penalty, and the justice system is grossly biased against the defendant. This law prevents Christians there from living in peace and tranquility. Muslims frequently use this unjust law against Christians merely to gain the upper hand in property disputes, or because they hold a grudge against someone. 

Today our special guest is Mr. Asif Mall, the chairman of the Pakistan Minorities Rights Organisation. He describes how the blasphemy law is exploited to target Christians, often for trivial issues; how Christians face discrimination in their daily lives and as a result how difficult it has become for the Christians to live a normal life in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Another very special guest is Nusrat Bibi, who has been persecuted in Pakistan simply for being Christian; As a consequence she is now living in exile. She shares with us how working class and illiterate Christians are frequently entrapped by false accusations of blasphemy and how Christians are systematically discriminated against in both education and employment.

Despite this clear, long-standing pattern of discrimination, injustice and risk to life that Christians face in Pakistan, Western governments and international institutions such as United Nations or the Papacy do not take any action to help or protect these Christians. Is this what Christ has taught us? Is this the best these centers of power can do? 

Similarly, we need to ask our own consciences whether we are fulfilling the Word of God by abandoning our brothers and sisters to their troubled fate, or will we come together to end this gross injustice? Join us in our work to bring justice to an unjust land.