How Christ dealt with violence?

How Christ dealt with violence?

Welcome to Jesus Christ for Muslims. My name is Mike. Over the next few minutes we are going to talk about how Christ handled violence in the scripture. At the very end of His time on earth, at the end of His 3 years ministry Christ is in a garden right before He goes to be crucified He is praying to the father. He is saying; “Father, if this is Your will let it be done”. He is surrounded by 12 of His friends, the disciples, that´s what we call them. As He comes to be arrested, as He is coming to be arrested at the end of His life one of His disciples pulls out a sword and he chopped an ear of one of the soldiers. Jesus daid; put away your sword, now it´s not the time to fight. He then picks up the ear of the man who came to arrest Him and heals the man´s ear. This is the great example of what it means to be a carrier of peace.

When we follow Christ He is a proponent of peace and the Gospel of peace is the Gospel that we preach. I want to encourage you today that violence is not the way. Eventhough the disciple was tempted to use violence when they came against Christ, Christ still said; this is not the time, put the sword away.

I want to pray and encourage you to not allow violence to overtake you or to be your motivation but instead to allow peace, the peace that passes all understanding, the Gospel of peace. To be the vary thing that drive you forward instead of violence. I am going to pray right now that you would replace violence with peace in your life.

Can we pray together?

Lord, I pray for brothers and sisters all around the world watching this video, I pray that they would never use violence as you have called them for the peace, I pray they would never pull the sword out when they should be walking in peace, Help us O Lord to love those who hate us, and to love our enemies as ourselves as your Word says, we are grateful for your presence, thank you for who You are, may You continue to lead us and guide us in Jesus´ name, Amen.

Thank you so much for watching today´s video. I pray that this helps you and we will see you next time.

Pastor Mike Santiago

Focus Church, North Carolina, USA