Message of the day – Fearing the LORD prolongs life

Fearing the LORD prolongs life - Understanding Christianity

Proverbs 10:27 – Fearing the LORD prolongs life,

Our merciful God is a full of glory God. Those who drink from His fountain will never have thirst again. Our living God is the first, last and the only source of salvation. The way we keep His love in our hearts as the light of life, in the same manner we must also keep His fear in our hearts as fearing Lord prolongs the life. Fear the Lord in your heart so that your life would be free of sins. God-fearing heart keeps you away from evil. Each time you are about to commit sin and move against God´s will, your conscience will stop you and make you realize to be fearful to God. In conclusion, fear the God in your life so your life will be prolonged and blessed. Nothing is better than living a Godly life that makes our Lord happy and makes Him feel proud on us. Amen.