Message of the day – The distance between youth and God

Ecclesiastes 12:1 – “So remember your Creator during your youth! Otherwise, troublesome days will come and years will creep up on you when you’ll say, “I find no pleasure in them.”

Today´s message is related to our young generation who in their early age forget their Lord. They spend their time in pop and show. How worthy that life would be which doesn´t serve God? Bible says; remember your Lord in young age, so that when u get older you don’t have to regret for anything. Seek your God when you are young and get showered with His blessings. In the same way your upcoming generation will also get blessed because of your good deeds and the great example that you set for them. Don’t waste your life in committing sins. The time that has passed dose not return. Don´t let that moment come when there is no opportunity to seek forgiveness and you can only regret for the sins that you committed in the most valuable time of your life.

Oh young people, come to the Lord, He wants to welcome you with both arms wide open, accept His love today, and surrender your lives to Him. Amen.