Make a joyful noise to the Lord

Blessings in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Jesus doesn’t only love you; He wants to be with you as well. Do you want to be with him? Do you want to spend your life with him? Are you worshipping Him in the right manner? Jesus died for you as a human, just so you don’t remain dead from the inside. But even today we go to the church in a lifeless manner just like dead people. People just forget the fact that dead bodies belong to graveyards and not to God’s home. Even today everyone enters the church like they’re going to a mourning ceremony but they don’t keep this in mind that when we enter the church we enter life. They forget that doors for life open as we approach towards it. Today people don’t even know how we’re supposed to enter the church. They don’t know how to sit in the church. Today I want to share a very small thing with all of you; the hundredth Psalm and its first two verses.

Psalm 100 Verses 1-2: Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth! Serve the Lord with gladness! Come into His presence with singing!

But how do you and I enter in His presence? Only going inside God’s home isn’t important, the way we go there is important. David has taught us all of this with sheer beauty, and God´s Holy Spirit has taught all of us through David as to how we’re supposed to go inside the church. We’re not supposed to do like gentiles do. They all go with crammed words that are no less than a habit for them; this is not how you and I are supposed to go in there.

If he is blessing us every day, then it means we’re supposed to go to His home every day with happiness. We need to go everyday with new affection, new attachment. Don’t think that the way you have been blessed today, you will be blessed the same way tomorrow as well. Because God doesn’t have affection for you, God doesn’t have kindness for you if you don´t love Him the way He wants you to love Him. Please my brothers and sisters you have to know one thing that if you want to get closer to God, you must go with happiness. If you want to enter God’s house then you’re supposed to go there with happiness, singing out loud. Isaac means happiness. But there was sadness in his life; still he kept on facing all of those worries with happiness. That’s why the very beatitude that came out of his possession caused the formation of the twelve tribes. Because when he put his hand on Jacob God blessed Him because he used to find happiness in pain and suffering.

During hardship he used to keep on remembering God’s name. He raised God’s slogan in worst of his times. If you have any problem in your life today, you can get rid of it in Jesus’ name. If you are indebted then you can get rid of it as well. If there’s any disease in your life then you can literally humiliate it by going in God’s home with shouting his name loudly. You can also stand tall against Satan; you can humiliate every single curse coming from him. Because the very spirit you and I are blessed with that is of happiness, love, satisfaction and life. When you and I have life, beatitude is all ours as well. But if we don’t go in God’s presence properly then He will not bless us in that way. Because you and I go into his house with hopelessness and Our Father doesn’t like it. Because, whatever that is impossible for human being, is not impossible for God himself. If there’s anything that is impossible for you, for Jesus Christ it’s not. Whenever you go to His home, go with happiness. Raise slogans on your way inside as you stand in front of Him later with gratitude. May God bless you and everyone around.

Pastor Daud Parvez

Valencia – Spain