Reflecting the character of Christ in our actions

Hi, welcome back to Jesus Christ for Muslims. My name is Mike Santiago and it´s such an honor to be with you for the next few moments. I want to share with you about the characteristics of a Christian that don´t have to do may be with people telling a testimony but instead living it out. The Bible says to prove by the way you live that Christ is in you. And I believe it is so important for every Christian whether you are a new believer or a believer that has known the Lord for really long time. To behave and act in such a way that it is obvious that you are filled with Jesus Christ.

I think that one of the ways that we do that is by in a group of people smiling, always being the first to serve, the first to laugh, the first to give, always bringing joy to a room and not sorrow, always having a great attitude, and a great behavior. Whenever you enter in the any setting in the world I believe it’s important that not only do our words reflect Christianity but also our actions. May be the very first thing that someone might see about us might not be they hear us say but instead they watch us do.

As a father of 3 kids I know that my kids are watching everything that I do and I see them mimicking me all the time. If I go like this, they´ll go like this. And what I find is a great way to be witness and testimony to people who do not know Jesus. It simply being a Christian in the way that you live, in the way you act, and in the way you behave. And then one day the door might open for you to be able to tell them about the Lord and tell them about the joy that comes through Jesus Christ.

So I want to encourage you today to allow your complexion, your face, and your action to reflect the character of Christ because the world needs to see the Christians that are happy, joyful, full of love and full of life. I want to thank you for watching this video and I pray that God will bless you.

Pastor Mike Santiago

Focus Church, North Carolina, USA