Rita – Lord’s lost sheep found its way back home

Imagine a place where someone has to hide their religion for fear of being punished. Imagine a person who has to convert to Islam in order to be with the one they love. That person is Rita, and that place is Pakistan. Born into a Christian family, 19 years ago Rita fell in love with a Muslim man and left her Lord Jesus Christ in order to make her husband and his family happy.  

Rita struggled to establish a relationship with this new Islamic God and could not find the religious peace she experienced with Christianity. She was forced to read the Quran and pray in Arabic 5 times a day, a language unfamiliar and difficult for her.

Three years following her conversion events took a drastic turn for poor Rita when her son fell gravely ill. She attempted prayer to Allah and helplessly recited the Quran’s words, however she felt no relief. In search of hope she cried out to her Christian God, and reciting Psalm 91 prayed that Jesus Christ could heal her son.

The miracle Rita sought unfolded and her son returned from the brink of death. She thanked her Lord and in repentance ran back to his loving arms. Hallelujah! The Lord’s lost sheep had found its way back home. However there was a dark side to Rita’s return as under Islamic law you cannot ‘give up’ being a Muslim under any circumstances. Thus to protect both her family’s happiness and her life itself Rita worshipped her Christian God in secret.

Rita maintained this charade of devoted Muslim until 1 year ago when she stopped all Islamic prayer and ceased participation in religious events or fasting. In her home she dared to pray to her Lord and studied the Holy Bible. On discovery of Rita’s conversion her husband and in laws beat her violently whilst her beloved sons disowned her. Thus began her constant suffering for abandoning Islam. Her Bible was immediately destroyed, and every Sunday she was incarcerated so as to prevent Church-going.

Rita eventually managed to escape and seek refuge with a Christian friend. She now lives in danger of death at the hands of radical Muslims who are angry at her conversion. She fears her furious family and in laws will find her soon.

We must rescue our frightened sister so that she may glorify the name of our Lord and practice Christianity in peace. She repented for her mistakes and now seeks shelter in a country of religious tolerance so she may devote her life to the Lord Almighty.

Your support could be her salvation. A small contribution could truly save Rita’s and her younger son´s life. Her brave return to the Lord sets an example to many lost souls in the world. Please contact us today to help our Christian sister in any way you can. May God bless you all.