The importance of believing in Word of God (By Jesus Christ for Muslims)

What is the Word of God? Is it just a simple text from a Christian religious scripture same like many other religious scriptures? Is it a fantasy and has nothing to do with the reality? These are the questions that we often receive from Muslims. According to them Allah is the only true god, Muhammad is his last prophet and Quran is the only authentic holy scripture on the planet. Pastor Samuel R. Garza, the co Pastor of International Church Madrid teaches us today what the Word of God is and why is it important for us to believe in it?

It is actually the code of conduct for not Christians alone but for the entire humankind. those who ignore the Word of God now will regret on the day of judgment. We may born in any country, any family or any religious background but it is our duty to find out the truth and follow the righteous way. we cannot produce the lame excuses before God that we were born in a faith that was other than Christianity or that we were not told the truth about Christ and His word by our parents. Nobody can impose the Word of God on you. It´s you who must doscover the truth and establish a direct relation between you and God. And that relation can only be established if you study and follow the true Word of God which is Holy Bible. Amen.