A message to the Muslims – By Pastor Rafique Masih

Muslims believe that Jesus Christ is a prophet of Islam and has nothing to do with Christianity. for them Jesus Christ was simply a prophet of Islam and He is not the son of God neither He is the Savior. By doing so they simply ignore the fact that no one else except Jesus Christ can provide them salvation, no one else except Jesus Christ can get them forgiveness of Lord for their sins. One of the most difficult task in this world is to evangelize Muslims who for various reasons do not even want to give a single chance to know who Jesus Christ is, what He did for all of us and why should we surrender our lives to Him. Pastor Rafique Masih, the guest preacher for “Jesus Christ for Muslims Ministry” delivers a message through this video to the Muslims, explaining why they should turn to Christ and assure their salvation. He also explains why is Jesus Christ the only hope for Muslims for receving the light and truth. Amen.