A message to the persecuted Christians – By Pastor David Michael Santiago

Have you ever heard of the word “persecuted Christians”? What does it mean and what is definition of being persecuted? Thousands of Christians in different parts of the world are persecuted for their faith on daily basis. They are persecuted just because they love Jesus Christ, consider Him their only true Savior and despite all the persecution that they face they do not stop adoring him. Many are brutally murdered or burnt alive. Thousands have lost their families, homes and all their belongings. They are forced to leave their homelands and migrate to other countries where they live in exile. Being Christian is one of the most difficult tasks on this earth. Jesus Christ had predicted that for his namesake we shall be persecuted. Throughout the history Christians were persecuted and are persecuted today as well. Today Pastor David Michael Santiago from International Church Madrid tells us more about why the Christians are persecuted and what the persecuted Christians must do in the harsh situation that they face on daily basis.