A Pakistani Christian mother and two young children left to starve in Thailand

The nation of Pakistan has been quite infamous in recent years for its rising religious intolerance and blasphemy laws which are often misused against Christian minorities. Naureen´s family is one of those Christian families who were psychologically and physically tortured in Pakistan for following a faith other than Islam.

Naureen left Pakistan and arrived to Thailand along with her husband 2 years ago with the hopes of starting a new life. They applied for asylum with United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Bangkok and are scheduled to be interviewed in year 2018. Although difficult, the first year of their stay in Thailand was better than what they were facing in Pakistan. Their first daughter was born in Thailand. But then the real hardship started when she was pregnant again, for then her husband was arrested by the Thai immigration authorities. She delivered her second baby in the absence of her husband who has been held in an immigration detention center for last 5 months.

Naureen is not receiving any kind of financial help; neither she can work as she has to take care of two little babies. She is living below the poverty line in an extremely vulnerable condition. Indeed she needs food and other basics to fulfil her daughters’ needs.  But what she needs most is her husband beside her in this difficult time. Not being able to fulfil her children’s’ needs is a daily mental agony.

Can we help her to get her husband bailed out from the immigration detention center so that he can work and take care of his family? Can we help our Christian sister to get out of this horrible situation with two little babies in a foreign nation where she doesn´t even know the language? The current suffering is affecting Naureen´s physical and mental condition. She is in need of immediate help and care which can be provided only by her husband. The total amount that Thai immigration requires to bail him out is 1300 Euros, or US $1450. If we all contributed a little drop, her husband could be reunited with his family. Let´s open our hearts and help Naureen with food, room rent or a little contribution for her husband´s release from the immigration detention center. Thank you. May God bless you all.