A Pakistani Christian on the verge of death in Bangkok´s immigration detention center

A Pakistani Christian on the verge of death in Bangkok´s immigration detention center

During last 3 years 15 Pakistani Christians have lost their lives in Bangkok, Thailand where they went with the hopes to find a temporary shelter and then get resettled to the safe third nations where they could live with rights, respect, dignity and freedom to worship Christ that they don´t have in Pakistan.

“Noshad Young” a 52 years old man is one of those Christians who were persecuted in Pakistan because of their faith. He arrived in Thailand in year 2013 along with his family and applied for asylum with United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Bangkok.. He was caught by the immigration along with his 22 years old son in year 2015. He was freed on bail but his son was left detained in immigration. Since then he often used to visit his son there.

2 and half months ago when he went to the immigration to see his son he was suddenly taken into custody and his bail was cancelled without any prior notification and despite he ever violated the conditions of his bail. His 66 years old mother, wife and three young children are extremely worried about his health as he is a heart patient.

From the last 1 month his health condition has been very critical. He was not able to eat well, had blisters in his mouth, suffering from constipation and having heartache as well. Today his son who is detained in immigration detention center as well called the family and informed about Noshad´s health deteriorating day by day. According to what his son claimed and the information that we have received through other sources Noshad is on the verge of death if he is not transferred immediately to the hospital. Noshad has not taken any food from last 3 to 4 days, he is feeling extremely week and suffering from anal discharge (continuous expression of liquid from the anus).

His family is begging for his immediate transfer to the hospital where he could get the proper medical treatment. We have seen many innocent Pakistani Christians dying in miserable situation in Thailand. Shall we let another Christian brother die or shall we use the power of our voice and resources to save his life? Please don´t ignore the plight of his family. They don´t ask for money or any luxury. All what they ask for is Noshad get the immediate medical assistance which could save his life. Please do all what you can to save Noshad´s life. Write to the UNHCR Bangkok to intervene, ask for mercy to the Thai immigration or visit your nearest Thai embassy to beg for the life of a persecuted Pakistani Christian. Here we leave Noshad´s full information that may help you to take an action for helping him to stay alive. Thank you so much. God bless you all.

Full name: Noshad Young

Immigration detainee number: 8689

Immigration detention room number: 3