Spiritual Death

When God created Adam and Eve in the book of Genesis He gave them everything. He said you can eat from the different trees of the garden, all of this is yours but He said there was one tree that you cannot eat from. And He instructed them. He said if you eat from this tree you shall surely die. This is a sad reality and this is actually what happened.

Adam and Eve chose to eat from this tree and they experienced death. The question becomes what type of death did they experience? Was this a physical death? Well, it is indicated that it’s probably not a physical death. This is because as soon as they eat from the tree they didn´t die that day. So it was not a physical death that they experienced. What kind of death did Adam and Eve experience?

It was a spiritual one. It was a death of their pure relationship between them and God. This is completely what God did not want to happen to them. But they were dead. They were dead spiritually speaking. What amazing is that when Jesus comes in the New Testament John declares that “in Him was life”. And in this we have two different people; Adam representing death and Jesus representing life.

Sin, which is what produced that spiritual death, and Jesus is who gives us life. The question becomes which one are you in? You are either impacted by the life of Adam or you are impacted by the life of Jesus? And you need to choose in which one you are in? You can place your faith in Christ that experiences the life or you can remain in Adam and be spiritually dead with God.

I want to encourage you today to choose Jesus for when you choose Jesus you choose life with God. The spiritual relationship with your Father is revived, it is again alive and you no longer have to live as dead to God but you can live alive to Him. Amen.

Anthony Santiago