Are Christians Safe and Comfortable in Pakistan?

“It is often said that Pakistan is safe for Christians. That is not the truth. We cannot drink water from a public tap. We cannot eat in Muslim´s restaurants. This is what Christians are going through in Pakistan. Our young generation is not hired for good jobs.” This is what George Naz, a Christian Human Rights Activist shares with us today. It is a question for all of us that are we properly raising the voice of our Christians brothers and sisters who are persecuted in Pakistan? Are we doing good enough for our persecuted Pakistani Christian community? Is condemning the persecution towards them is good enough or is there something else as well that we can do in order to defend them or for their betterment? 

There is definitely a lot that we can do. We can raise their voice on the international platforms, put pressure on the government of Pakistan through different ways for making them protect the Christian minorities and providing them the equal rights as any other citizen of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The white part of the Pakistani flag represents the minorities and the constituion of Pakistan also guarantees the equal rights and freedom for each and every citizen regardless of sex, race and religion. but why can´t we see that freedom and those rights in practice? Should we start believing that Pakistan came into existence only for Muslims? Should we accept the reality that the radical Islam has taken over the nation of Pakistan? If these allegations are not authentic then this is the right time for the government of Pakistan to improve their image by taking the right steps and make the Christians feel at home with respect, rights and dignity.