Baptism – The First Step of Obedience

Baptism – The First Step of Obedience

When it comes to following Christ and His example, one of the first things He did before He did any of His ministry, was that He got baptized. I find this amazing that the Son of God would humble himself to John the Baptist, a man here on earth, and get baptized. What I find interesting as well is what we see later in His life that He is able to actually walk on water, and the humility that comes with baptism, the fact that Jesus would be baptized into something that He could literally walk on, shows that baptisms is really an act of humility, it is an act of saying; “God, I surrender my life, I want to be yours, I want to be completely 100% dedicated to what you want to do in my life”.

So when Jesus gets baptized, yes, It´s showing to the world that He wants to follow God, He wants to follow Yahweh. Yes of course He is following the commands that God is giving Him, but at the same time it is an act of humility. that same water that He was baptized in He could have also walked on, but when we choose to get baptized, when we choose to follow Christ´s example it´s also an act of humility.

we´re letting the people around us know that we belong to Christ, we want to serve Him, we want to follow His example, but it also shows, hey, I´m not in control of my life, though I may be able to go to job, I may be able to drive a car, and have this or that house, I’m still living a life of humility, and I’m choosing to follow God.

So if you´re considering baptism or maybe you have never been baptized, I would encourage you to follow the example of Jesus, and that is to get baptized, to humble yourself, to show the world who you belong to, and to say God I’m giving you everything, I want to commit my entire life to you through baptism.

Anthony Santiago