Beware of False Prophets and their Teachings

One of the negative things about being teachable is sitting under bad teaching. And the apostle Paul warned us that we would be in an era and time where many false prophets and many false teachers would arise, and while it´s great that we have the Bible and we have instruction, there are also pastors and preachers that exist, who simply are not preaching the Word of God, and while these pastors and prophets may have helped us in times in the past or may be teaching partially some truth, we must always be attentive to what people are saying, what people are teaching.

And the way that we do this is we use the Bible. Whenever someone is teaching or preaching something that doesn’t sound right, that sounds completely off, the first action we must take is we must go to the scripture and see if the Bible is saying the exact same thing. I’m not just talking about preachers who are on the internet or are on television, these are local pastors, local ministers, by God´s grace they´re ministering as best as they can, but often times they may mislead people or they may start some sort of sect, and these types of things we need to be aware of as Christians.

Though we may love these people, though we may love these leaders, we must also look to the Bible, we must look to see if this is true, we must look to see if God´s Word, is backing off the preaching and teaching they are giving.

Anthony Santiago