Gratefulness in Hardship | By Anthony Santiago

As Christians our lives are not perfect. Many may think that when they give their life to Christ everything is going to be glorious and perfect but that is just not true. Even as Christians we face problems and difficulties. You may have lost your job at one point. You may have lost the family member through death. There are many problems that come up even as followers of Christ. The question is not why problems come but the question is what should we do when these problems arrive?

The Bible says that the rain falls on just and on unjust. And Jesus shared a parable about two men who built two houses. One built a house on the rock while the other man built the house on sand. When the storms came the one who had built his house on sand, that house was destroyed, but the house that was built on rock stayed strong. What is interesting about this story is that just because the man built his house on the rock it didn´t exempt him from the storm. He experienced the same problem in the same storm as the other man did. But the different was his foundation. So when you and I experience problems or loss whether it’s financially, relationally, emotionally, the question is what do we do in those problems?

The Apostle Paul commands us to show Gratefulness in all circumstances. And that is what you and I have to do. We have to take whatever situation we are going through and know that God is going to work it for our good and for His glory. It is all about perspective. Don´t let the problems get hold of you.  You get the hold of problems. Use the Bible and your perspective. Know that God is working all things together for your good and for His glory. Look at your problem and look at your situation and don´t complaint about it but simply give thanks to God that in one way or another He is going to use it for your good and for His glory. Amen.