Christian Pastors – A call to follow the good Shepherd

Today “Graham Ford” the president of “Jesus Christ for Muslims” & “Partners with the Persecuted” ministries shares his experience with us through this video that how he noticed some Church leaders, Pastors and missionaries like to live in a particular way rather than living with the similar economic conditions to the people they are seeking to serve. It has been noticed that many of those so called servants of Lord live in big houses situated in expensive areas. The finance that they receive from wealthy and devoted Christians for the cause of Lord is actually used for supporting their high profile life style that in the eyes of the sheep of the Church is extravagant.

If you look at the example set by Jesus and followed by the apostles; that is not what they did. In Luke 9:58 Jesus said; “Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.” It is because He lived simply but our great Church leaders are clearly guilty of not living simply. They live with too much abundance rather than too little. That is why in the eyes of the people they are seeking to bring the Gospel, the way they live is the denial of the Word of God that they preach. And that brings not glory to God but shame to the Church.

They need to accept the discipline of Lord and learn self-discipline and self-control in order to set better example for others. It is important to follow and walk on Christ´s footsteps, doing what He did, as well as doing what He said. Living simply will bring greater power, authority, credibility and integrity to their ministry. May Lord Jesus guide and bless them so that they use their status and authority in the righteous way. Amen.