Obedience and Discipline in our Youth

Obedience and Discipline in our Youth - Christian Spiritual Messages to Encourage Your Spirit

Lamentations 3:27 – It is good when a young man carries the yoke of discipline in his youth.

Today’s message is intended for our youths’ spiritual training, educating them in how to correctly behave and grow spiritually in the eyes of the Lord. The Holy Scripture recommends we be disciplined and obedient when young in order to later achieve the salvation we hope for. In our youthful days we must call on our Creator and familiarize ourselves with Him so as to start on our path towards eternal glory.

God tests us repeatedly during our youth. Those of us who are His true children face these tests patiently. We show him our humble souls and devote time to prayer. God rewards this humility and gentle patience in turn with His love and salvation. Any transgressions or sins committed during this pivotal time of spiritual growth can result in losing the chance for this eternal salvation.

Today´s message warns the younger generation that they should devote their youth to becoming closer to God. They should be obedient, humble, patient, and gentle in all that they do. Any behavior that shies away from that of God’s will shall create an irreparable rift between themselves and their Lord. Amen.