Christianity: A concept of love and forgiveness

Christianity, the concept of love and forgiveness, is often put to test when extremists embrace filth by stretching their limits to impossible levels. Raping Christian children as young as 6, crucifying them to humiliate, beheading women and displaying their heads does not account as enough violence. It is as if every time their heads are head with the hot hammer and are questioned that “will you still forgive us?”

Extremists commit the crimes so filthy that will make anyone sick to the pit of the stomach. It is true indeed that every action has a reaction; greater the action and greater the reaction. What reaction could be expected from the Christians who are humiliated in the most horrific ways publicly? Hate? Vengeance? A desire for the same or worse happening to them? The right answer is the least expected one: Forgiveness, love and prayer. No matter how badly they are harassed all they want to give their enemies is love, forgiveness and good wishes.

The world often takes their kindness for granted and forgets they are also humans. Christians are trampled upon in the name of predicted persecution in scriptures and are told to be silent taking God’s name that He is testing them. It is considered God’s will that they suffer persecution where as they forget their own dignity and drop to levels which can be best described as inhumane.

Christ came into the world when blasphemers would be given the worst death possible, He could’ve easily chosen another time for his death when executions are accomplished through a mere syringe but He chose the time that gave Him the most painful death. Why was that? It was because Christ knew about the persecution that was to come. He has set an example which encourages Christians to forgive their enemies no matter what they do. Forgiveness and love describe Christianity and this is the way how followers of Christ are.