Christians in Pakistan are only safe if they convert to Islam

Mr. Arfaq Masih, a follower of Christ from Pakistan shares with us today his testimony about the persecution that Christians in Pakistan face:

  • “We believe in Jesus Christ, who is a living God. This is why we face discrimination in Pakistan. If we convert to Islam then I think there won´t be any kind of discrimination against us. Some radical Muslims want us to abandon Christianity and follow Islam. If we do so, we shall be free of persecution and discrimination. But we are the followers of living Lord Jesus Christ; we can never imagine of leaving our faith and embrace any other religion. We can sacrifice our lives for Christ but we won´t betray Him. We shall not accept Islam. This is the reason why it is difficult for us to live in Pakistan.”

Pakistani Christians who represent 1.6% of the total population face persecution in many different forms every single day. Mostly it costs them their lives. The Muslim extremists are always looking for ways to discriminate them put them down or constantly force and threaten them to accept Islam. The Islamic extremism allows them to persecute and even kill anyone and everyone who is a non-believer and does not submit to Allah.