Christians in Pakistan – Begging for Rights, Respect & Dignity

Mr. Shahbaz Gulzar, a Pakistani Christian human rights activist shares his testimony with us through this video that how Christians in Pakistan are victim of injustice. Especially because of the blasphemy law which was introduced by General Zia Ul Haq. Muslims easily use this law against Christian community in order to harass them. Due to the personal interests, grudge, money matters, or property issues Muslims allege Christians of committing blasphemy.

What does blasphemy mean? Blasphemy means act of passing derogatory remarks against Quran or Prophet Muhammad. Without verifying the facts Muslims start beating the family of accused, they start burning the entire Christian colonies. The accusation against one Christian brings hell for the entire Christian community of that area. In such matters Churches do not help due to the fear, neither the police nor government take the appropriate action to protect Christians.