Christmas is a Time for Rejoicing

Christmas is a Time for Rejoicing - Jesus Christ for Muslims

Christmas is a Time for Rejoicing

A Muslim Tunisian, posing as a Syrian refugee, drove a truck at high speed in to a Christmas market in Berlin, murdering 12 and injuring tens of people. A couple of days earlier a Muslim walked into a church in Egypt and detonated a bomb, killing 35 women and children and wounding scores of others. In response, a Muslim woman rejoiced at the news, proclaiming that these Christians deserve all they get for their unwillingness to accept monotheism.

If her view is representative of the views of Muslims, then Muslims appear to have missed the point. Christians have not taken someone else and made him equal to God, as Muslims often claim. No, Christians are those who have realized that God himself came down to earth from His exalted heaven in and experienced the life we humans live, starting with the experience of being born. 

He came to serve and He came even to die, so that we might have life with God. God himself provided the answer for human sin and wickedness, the answer to those who would drive trucks in to families, to those who would blow up women and children and to those who rejoice in the murder of the innocent.

Indeed, Christ is the Light of the World, and He lightens everyone, bringing knowledge of God, knowledge of good and evil and above all love, peace and goodwill to all men.  The Lord is our light and our salvation.

So, we wish goodwill to every reader of JCM, whether they be Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jew or any faith, and whether they love Christ or hate Him, and whether they love Christians or hate them.  We wish the Lord’s blessings up you, your family and your future. This is the attitude that is best summed up at this time in the greeting: ‘Merry Christmas.’  God bless you.

 Graham Ford & David Rothfuss