Eternal Nature of Christ

When it comes to authors writing biographies or autobiographies, they all have to choose a starting point as to when they want to introduce the person that they are talking about. And this is not different when it comes to Jesus. In the Bible we have 4 biographies of Jesus. They are referred to as the Gospels. The Gospel of Mathew, Gospel of mark, Gospel of Luke and the Gospel of john.

Now, while there is so much communality among the Gospels. There are also some differences and one of which I find very intriguing and very interesting is the timing as to when they introduce Jesus into their story. For example, Mark introduces Jesus at age 30, Luke introduces Jesus as a baby and Mathew records the genealogy going all the way back to Abraham to choose Jesus’s genealogy.

But when it comes to the Gospel of John. John begins his Gospel with these words; “In the beginning was the Word”. And when John is doing this, he is echoing Genesis 1 where it reads; “In the beginning…God”. In that sense what John is trying to proclaim to his audience is that Jesus had no beginning but Jesus is eternal. Though He had a start here on the earth with flesh. In reality Jesus has always existed, He has always been. He exists outside of time and he is eternal.

So whatever you think about Jesus and whatever you believe about Jesus, remember the fact that though He had a beginning here on earth, He has existed before time even began because in the beginning was the word…

Pastor Anthony Santiago