Eternity is Forever

Hello friends, welcome back to Jesus Christ for Muslims. Today I would like to hit head on a couple of tough questions but I think it will be important as believers that we understand or have knowledge of what it is, and in regards to eternity and Godhead, the three in one. How does that work and how does that come to existence? See, for God, God formed the earth. There is no beginning. He always was and is and will continue to be God. That is the beauty of who God is. He always was in existence. You and I have a start date. My start date was the tenth of October. Don´t forget it, it was the tenth of October when I was born into existence.

Now humans, you and I have a date of when we came in but we do not have a date as to when we end. Our soul will be for Eternity. Christ will always be, He was there from the beginning, He formed the earth and He will continue to be always. You and I have a beginning but no end, either we serve eternity in Heaven or we serve eternity in hell. That is why the scriptures are really strong and say; “choose you this day who you will serve”.

For the sake of eternity your soul is at stake. I want to encourage you to give your life to Christ today to live eternity in Heaven and not in hell. Eternity is forever and so is your soul. So that I close and tell you thank you for joining us, and if you have questions in regards to what eternity is for your life. I encourage you to write to Jesus Christ for Muslims. There is the link right there and may God richly bless you.Soul

Pastor David Michael Santiago

International Church Madrid