France tries to tame Islam, we wish it good luck with that

France tries to tame Islam, we wish it good luck with that - Graham Ford

Following the most recent series of brutal murders of innocent French men and women by Muslims, the French government has passed a new law to try and reduce the Muslim threat to public order and hence the French Republic.

The new law requires that there shall be no intimidation of public servants, no online hate speech, all children to have an ID number to assist the state in getting them into school.  Any NGOs infiltrated by political Islamists risk being dissolved.

In addition to this law, President Macron has set up an official registry of Imams, with a requirement that they sign a charter supporting the values of the secular republic, disavowing political Islam and rejecting foreign interference.

If the Beast of the Book of Revelation is indeed Islam, then this attempt to put reigns on Islam and harness its energy for the sake of the republic is going to be as successful as a small boy putting reigns on a tiger and riding it into the forest.  The tiger will take the boy as far as it wants to until it is ready to eat him.

The West chose to close its eyes to Islam’s realities when it persuaded itself that open door immigration was a good thing.  These realities are: Islam’s mission is not to build a civilisation (Islam’s goal is not civilisation – that is a distraction), neither is it peace, social justice or any other traits the gullible or deceivers chose to label it.  Islam’s mission is to destroy every other civilisation down to its foundations, especially the Judaeo-Christian civilisation.

Tinkering with the rules as the French are trying to do, and they are not alone in this, is an exercise in rearranging the deckchairs on the sinking Titanic.  In reality the Titanic has been holed below the waterline, not by an iceberg but by a kraken, a kraken that has evolved a taste for steel plate and it is eagerly eating the ship.

This not to say that every Muslim wants this, of course they don’t.  But within the spectrum of Islamic culture is a large, tough core that is committed to continue the project that Mohammed started, and they cannot give up because they believe, wrongly, that they are doing God’s work.

Ideology drives institutional strategy.  We have seen this in Russia, The Third Reich, Vietnam, North Korea and China.  Islam is no different.  Its purpose is not that it wins, its purpose is that all that is not Islam loses.  It cannot be bought; it cannot be intimidated, and it cannot be converted.

Muslims can be converted, and they are being converted in large numbers – but only a minority of them.  But Islam itself cannot be converted because it is not interested in truth.  Its response to the truth that could convert it is to behead the truth speaker.  Experience shows it tends to have a quieting effect on the others with something to say.

Placing hope in secularism and tweaking a few laws is folly.

Multicultural policies that have been wilfully blind to religion have been an unmitigated disaster for the West, as their promoters knew it would.  Their goal was the destruction of the West and its Judaeo-Christian underpinnings and institutions. Their polices are succeeding.

For the West to continue, it must become a remnant, distinct and separate, rebuilding what has been destroyed, not as before, but as the refounding a Godly, biblically inspired and enduring (a.k.a. sustainable and resilient) post-national Kingdom of God on earth, becoming ready for the return of her King.  The West seeks unity, but there is only one force that is able to unite it, and that is the Christ the King.

Those who do not want to be in such a thing will find Islam sucks them in.  Those who do want to be part of God’s remnant will find God is their wall of water, thorns and fire, a shadow from the heat and their shield and strong tower.  He will hide them under the face of the earth as the fire-storm comes. The weapons of the enemy will not accomplish that for which they were forged.

The West has rejected Christ as Lord, and as a result it has lost all it trusted in.  Its empire has gone.  Its economy is dependent on its adversaries and its finances are broken.  Its technology is now in Asia, dominated by an atheist Christ-hating empire.

In an ecosystem that experiences rapidly diminishing resources, the predators first rush to consume everything still living until, at the last, they are starved out of their power.   This is the state of this world, a depleted ecosystem.  China understands that to survive, it must destroy all the other nations and consume all their resources.  But in the end, it too will collapse.  The West can either become the slim pickings the hyenas of Islam can pick over, or it can make itself impregnable.  Without unity, the poorer outcome awaits.

Christendom cannot afford the deception of dreaming of past glories.  Those glories were in the main quite soiled.  What it can do is dust off the pages of its Bible and read EXACTLY what God has inspired therein and ‘hear and obey’.  In this and this only is hope to be found. The Lord bless you and keep you,

Graham Ford

President – Jesus Christ for Muslims