Happy Resurrection Day 2019

Hello and welcome. Blessings in the name of Jesus Christ. What day is it today? Oh, today is Sunday. But is it just another Sunday or is there something special with this Sunday? Well, this Sunday is indeed very special day because today is the resurrection day. This is one of the most important and biggest day for Christians around the world. This is the day when our Lord Jesus Christ overcame the death, He defeated the sin, He defeated the devil and He brought us closer to God.

The only grave is empty is the grave of Jesus Christ. All other self-proclaimed Gods are still inside their graves and they are dead. The only God who we can proudly call a living God is Jesus Christ. That is why He is indeed the only true God, Redeemer, Creator and Savior.

I am very happy and I know all my fellow Christians around the world must be happy too but are you happy? If you are not happy it’s because you do not know Jesus yet, you have not accepted Jesus yet. and I would suggest if you have not done so, do it today. This is the best day, the best moment to surrender before Him, the repent before Him, to seek forgiveness, and to ask Him to lead you towards the Eternal life.

Trust me, He will love you, He will embrace you, no matter what you are, who you are, where you are from and what your past is. Happy Resurrection day once again. May God bless you all. See you soon!

David Rothfuss