How I became Christian – Heart touching story of a Muslim girl

The journey from Islam to Christianity was never easy for a Muslim especially when this extraordinary transition has to take place in an Islamic country where there is a legitimate fear of being tortured and killed by family or society but yet many dare to take that risk and put their lives at risk for the love of Christ. Anila is one of those brave followers of Jesus who sacrificed everything for her new faith but she feels proud of her decision to accept Christ as her only true savior. Although she had to flee from her homeland, she lost her family, friends and property etc. but she preferred to love Christ instead of loving the false and full of sin hypocrite Muslim life.

In result of embracing Christ she had to face humiliation, discrimination, ostracism, physical and psychological torture but she tolerated all that with the hope that her Savior will protect her and that is what exactly happened. Jesus did not only prevent people from harming her but He took her out of Pakistan safely and right now in Thailand where she lives as refugee in exile, our Lord is fulfilling her family´s needs through His angels. May God bless her and bring many other Muslims on the right path through her heart touching testimony, Amen.