I Find Peace in Bible, Not in Quran – Testimony of a Pakistani Ex Muslim Girl

Today a brave Pakistani ex Muslim girl tells us about her experience of how she found peace in Bible which she never felt while reading Quran. Majority of Muslims are forced to read and recite Quran in Arabic, despite Arabic not being their native language. Do they really understand Quran and its meaning? Do they have a true spiritual relationship with God? Do they really find peace in Quran and Islam?  Do they truly follow Islam because they love Allah and Prophet Muhammad or is it all because of obligations and fear?

Alia, the ex Muslim girl from Pakistan was born in an Islamic country and she was meant to follow Islam same as others. She did so for many years but then a time came when she decided to leave Islam as she didn´t find the peace in Quran which is supposedly the Word of Allah. She stopped believing in the scripture that she was forced to read and recite because she didn´t want to spend her life in darkness anymore. She took a brave step and started searching for the truth and then she found Christ. Since that day her life was changed. Today she is proudly a Christian and she is helping to changer others hearts through her testimony. May God bless her. Amen.