I find peace in Jesus – Testimony of an ex Muslim from Algeria

Billions of people worldwide are not aware of the only true way of Salvation, peace in Jesus, and of the unlimited and unconditional love that God has for them. social bindings, legal restrictions and fear are some of those crucial facts facts which prevent them from reaching toward Christ. But when Jesus Christ touches someone’s heart, the life of that person changes miraculously! No matter how difficult it seems to embrace Christ especially when one belongs to the Muslims family but the love of Jesus is superior to all the difficulties and it heals all our wounds and pain.

That is exactly what happened to Kim Large, who was born in Algeria as a Muslim, but today she has peace and true love in her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The journey was not easy. She had to face ostracism, discrimination, verbal and physical abuse, and death threats etc. but she decided to overcome the fear and surrender her life to Jesus as she believed that Jesus will protect her by hiding her in His comforting wings. And she was not wrong because today Kim Large is having a happy Christian family, she has the spiritual peace and the satisfaction that the way she is following will take her to the eternal life which is endless. She has forgotten the persecution she had to face in past because the feeling of having Jesus in her life is better than any other thing in this world. Hallelujah. Amen.