ISIS’ message to Christians

ISIS’ message to Christians - Christian Persecution Worldwide


I asked myself what this threatening announcement tells us:

  1. ISIS is an authentic movement of Islam, that is not criticised in any way by the major Islamic university if Al Azhar. So, we can take it from this authoritative source of Islamic opinion that ISIS is a valid representative of Islam.
  2. ISIS is living in the past. The crusades happened 800 years ago.  Why is it so hard for ISIS to move on?  Perhaps the Christians should agitate for their lands baclyk in the Middle East and North Africa?
  3. This is a reference to yet another church attack by Muslims – this time in the beautiful country of Sri Lanka. Isn’t it noteworthy that when Muslims attack churches, we are no longer surprised?  What is surprising that Christians never attack mosques.  Where are the gangs of crusaders blowing up mosques in retaliation?  You never hear of this. Why?  Could it possibly be that one religion teaches love, while the other teaches murder?  Do you think that might possibly have something to do with it?
  4. ISIS obviously thinks that the Christians around the world will be quaking in their boots, furtively looking over their shoulder for where the next brave Muslim warrior will come, the one who courageously murders unarmed women, children, old men and old women? Well, sorry to disappoint you, but we Christians are made of stronger stuff.  Why is that?  Could it be that the God we believe in does not need to have us murder for him in order to encourage his adherents, covering up for the fact that there is not a shred of actual evidence that validates that God is Allah, rather than the God of Israel.
  5. All that ISIS achieves is a world wide recognition that Islam motivates some of its adherents to do dreadful deeds, and as such is an evil force in the world. The fact that not all Muslims do these things is a tribute to the power of humanity in resisting the call to jihad-murder – but it has nothing to do with Islam.
  6. Unless you actually really think God wants you to kill for him, I would encourage all Muslims to come to the One who revealed himself as the God of Love – the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the One who revealed himself to the world in the man Jesus the Messiah. This God is the true God – the God of love, not the God who commands you to murder little children.
  7. When you become a Christian, you are free to believe. You are also free not to believe.  No one is going to come after you to murder you for apostasy.   You are free to explore the truth for, as Jesus said, ‘the truth shall make you free.

So, in reply to ISIS threats, I say to ISIS: carry on – you merely show the world the truth of your religion: a religion the world increasingly despises for what it does.  Carry on – you merely show the world the truth about faith in Christ: thousands slaughtered and still we love, even our enemies.

ISIS – Jesus loves you! God bless,

Graham Ford
President – Jesus Christ for Muslims