Islam to Christianity – The Thorny Journey of a Pakistani Muslim

Islam to Christianity is not an easy journey. Pastor Ghalib Paul was born in a devoted Muslim family in Pakistan. He used to preach Quran and practice Islam due to the family pressure. But he had questions and doubts which didn´t allow him to stay in tranquility. His search for peace brought him towards Bible in which he found his answers and the truth as well.

He embraced Christ truly from heart but the remaining path of his life was full of thorns as abandoning Islam and converting to another religion is considered the crime of apostasy according to the Islamic Sharia law as well as the Islamic influenced Pakistani law. He served Lord in Pakistan tremendously, preaching in different places, baptizing new believers, educating others and above all helping people to understand the difference between Quran and Bible so that people can choose their own and right way rather than being forced by state or a particular community to follow any religion.

Eventually his conversion from Islam to Christianity and services for Christ brought him anger, harassment and death threats, not only from the society but also from his own family and friends who had become blood thirsty for him. This is how religiously intolerant the Pakistani society is indeed. Having no other option he had to flee Pakistan for saving his life and arrive to Malaysia where he sought asylum in Unites Nations High Commissioner for Refugees´ office in Kuala Lumpur. But this was not the end of his problems. UNHCR in Malaysia has not done anything to save and protect him what they are supposed to do according to their own constitution. They must interview him within the six weeks after his application for asylum submitted and resettle him to a safe third country within maximum one year time period, which they are failed to accomplish.

Ghalib and his wife have been living a miserable life in Malaysia for last 2 years, the darkness seems endless. Malaysian authorities consider them illegal immigrants as Malaysia has not signed the United Nation´s Geneva Convention for Refugees 1951, that is why Ghalib and his wife are under constant threat of being detained, thrown in prison and sent back to Pakistan where they would be definitely killed for the unforgivable crime of apostasy since Quran strongly orders Muslims to kill those who refuse or deny Islam.

When Ghalib was born, he didn´t choose to become Muslim but when he grew up and started understanding the things he decided to embrace Christianity with his own will and without any pressure as he found the truth and salvation through this way. But leaving Islam and converting to Christianity in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is a clear invitation to death. Ghalib took that risk despite knowing the consequences just because of his strong love for Christ and his desire to serve his one and only Savior.

Today he is living a miserable life in Malaysia where is living in hiding and no help is being provided to him. He cannot work because of his illegal status and let´s not forget that Malaysia is a Muslim country as well where the apostates of Islam are hated same as they are hated in Pakistan. Despite all the sufferings he still serves Christ with endless passion. If you want to support him in this difficult time, please contact us through our website and let him know that you stand with him as his brother/sister in Christ.