Did Jesus ever prophecy the arrival of Muhammad as a Prophet?

God bless you today. And welcome to another segment with Jesus Christ for Muslims. Today we are answering questions that you the public have sent to us and I have to say that you guys have some of the best question that I ever had in my entire life and want to say that I don’t know it all, I don’t confess to be perfect.

God forbid but what I do know is the word of God tells us that the Holy Spirit brings us discernment and understanding of what we need to know to grow on our Christian walk so the question that we are addressing today the very powerful question. Question that a lot of people in this world have asked themselves at one point or another and I pray to God that He gives us the understanding to be able to speak to you His heart so that you might understand it in a very powerful way.

And this is the question; “Did Jesus announce the coming of another prophet or messenger of God after Him, did he ever announce that Muhammad for example will be coming soon and that Muhammad will bring another holy book or that Muhammad will be last messenger? if not then how can a man appear after 600 years and proclaim to be the prophet, changing entire spiritual system and even create a new book?

These are very, very good questions, questions that are very valid but God has an answer for you today and the answers found in the revelations 22 verses 18 through 19 in the word of God and I encourage you to look it up and read it with me.

the Bible says And I solemnly declared to everyone who hears the words of prophecy written in this book: If anyone adds anything to what is written here, God will act to that person the plagues described in this book; and if anyone removes any of the words from this book of prophecy, God will remove that person share in the Tree of Life, and in the Holy City, that are described in this very book”

You see the Bible; the Word of God is complete. It doesn’t need no additions; it doesn’t need no subtraction. Every word that is in the canon, that is in the Bible that was directed so that you and I can know the Lord, understand His art, understand His love for you and I, understand the powerful thing that He did when He brought Jesus to this world and what Jesus did for you and I, that nothing else is needed anymore. Anything extra is simply another book, that’s all it is, and let me tell you that every man has the right to write other books.

I love reading the books, I have some here one by Max Lucado, I have from here Extreme Devotions, I have some here The word of the King and another book and men write books all the time. Are they inspired by God? I’m not going to say they’re not. But do they need to be a part of the book that really changes your life and my life which is the Word of God? No! It´s simple because the Bible is complete. Any of the books written by any other person are simply that. They are just other books. The Bible is the only true revelation of God’s Word for you and me.

You know as I mentioned, I love to read books and I read them but I’ll prefer to always read the Bible first and foremost because when I read the Word of God something comes upon me. The Holy Spirit brings me the sermon understanding of this powerful God that we serve with all our heart and I had to tell you the question that lot of people ask, sometimes I get confused when I read the Bible, I don’t understand it, it doesn’t make sense to me, well you know what, when you ask yourself that question it’s only supposed to be a challenge for you personally so that you can then ask the Lord, “Lord give me wisdom, give me understanding that your Holy Spirit come upon me, that I may understand Your Word.

Because the Bible even says that if you and I lack wisdom and understanding, just to ask Him for it. Listen, just to ask Him for it and He will give it to you, this is what it says He will give it to you abundantly. That means He will give you more than what you truly need just to even understand His Word. so those questions that you have they are not bad questions, they are not wrong questions. Those are questions that one asks to take as a challenge that you might grow in the Word of God.

And again any other book that might be written out there, if you want to read, read it, there is not a problem with it but understand that the Word of God is the only true living Word of God that is inspired by God so that you can understand His plans not only for you but for this entire world because He loves us in such a way that He wanted to direct us, He wanted to have something that we could grasp and grow and learn from that we might then fulfill God’s purpose for our life.

But the last thing I want to say about the word of God is this; Matthews 24:35 says; “Heaven and earth will disappear, but My Words will never disappear” says the Lord.

You know what this is saying? How many people through our generations have tried to destroy the word of God? They burn it, they ban it, they hide it, if they find out that you have it they kill you for it because this world wants to do away with you understanding and having a knowledge of who God is but it doesn’t matter how many times they have tried to destroy the Word of God, guess what, the Word of God is still alive, the Word of God is still here and it is the number one selling book in the entire world, there is no other book that have been written by man, that has the power over this entire world like the word of God because His word is alive, His word is true, His word is powerful and heaven and earth will pass away but His word will never pass away, you can trust His word, you can live by it, you can apply it to your life, you can grow with it, you speak the Word of God and things happen not because you spoke them but because it is the Word of God that went out and the Word of God says that it will go out and it will produce and it will do that which it was sent to do because it will not turn void, it will not just go into the air and dissipate and disappear, no! no! no! it will fulfill its purpose because it is the Word of God.

You know just yesterday I had the experience of talking to someone on the street, the man was very sad, he had lived his life, he was older man now, he said that he had two divorces, never could work out with his family, he had many businesses that he had opened and closed and went bankrupt, he got to a point where he stole some cocaine from someone and had to even kill him and for that he spent 19 years in prison and just three days earlier he had been released from prison and he says you know what I feel like my life is meaningless, I feel like my live has no worth, like I have no need to be living and I started speaking to him the Word of God and you know what he would say, he started to cry, he started to say “You know what I have never heard words that are so powerful, words that are so precious, words that are touching my heart and my soul” and I got to tell you, it wasn’t because I was speaking them, it was because I was proclaiming the Word of God, because the Word of God does that to you, to me and to everyone who hears it so the Word of God has a powerful value that no other book out there, no other prophet out there can come and write and say this is what the Word of God said, no! no! no! you have the Word of God which is the Bible.

Study the Bible, have it as the main source of your knowledge and understanding of who God is? And if you want to have other books, other things to read go ahead it’s not a problem but always understand that the Word of God is faithful and true and you can trust in that Word for a lifetime. God bless you today, I hope I was able to answer this question based on the Word of God and we encourage you to write to us with any question or concern that you might have so that together we can grow in our Christian walk with Jesus Christ. God bless you and thank you for being with us here at Jesus Christ for Muslims.

Pastor Samuel R. Garza