The journey from Islam to Christianity of a Muslim from Pakistan

The journey from Islam to Christianity of a Muslim from Pakistan

Timothy 1:12 – I thank the Messiah Jesus, our Lord, who gives me strength, that He has considered me faithful and has appointed me to His services.

Today I would like to share the testimony of a person who was not a Christian until few months ago. But after realizing the truth he dared to quit following Islam in a Muslim majority country like Pakistan, which is a brave action in a land where abandoning Islam means inviting death. He shared his testimony with our ministry through the following words:

Some of my colleagues/friends at the workplace were Christians. I was deeply impressed by their humbleness, honest character and helping nature. In a very short time I got established quite strong relation with their families as well.

At that time I was going through complicated personal circumstances due to what there was no peace at all in my life. One day when I arrived at my Christian friend´s home for spending some time with him there was a prayer being held. The Pastor was delivering a message citing Bible´s verses. Showing the respect towards their religious feelings I also decided to participate in that prayer. Few moments later I found myself attracted towards the beautiful words from Bible that were being shared in that place. When Pastor asked everyone to bow down their heads and close their eyes I also did so. I don´t know why I was doing all that but all what I know is that it was being done by me naturally through an invisible power.

As soon as the Pastor started praying and calling Holy Spirit my lips started moving and wanted to say something. My heart was willing desperately to seek the solutions of my problems to God in that spiritual ambient. I cried out to God and that was the first time when I felt that I was surrounded by the presence of God. The tears started coming out of my eyes. My tongue began uttering the word “God” and seeking His guidance in my life.

The Pastor came to me, put his hand on my head and said to me; surrender yourself to God, share your pain and agony with Him. The peace and tranquility I received that day, I never felt that before in my life while following Islam, while pretending to be a Muslim just because of the fear and social and cultural obligation. I started reading Bible clandestinely and with the time I came to know more about Lord Jesus Christ and His teachings.

By the grace of God today I preach His word to others. The spiritual relation with God and peace that I found in Christianity after reading, understanding and following the Word of Bible, I never felt that in my life before by praying forcefully in a language (Arabic) that was not my native.

The goal of my life now is to help the lost sheep of God in receiving the same peace and inner satisfaction that I have received in Christ. The drastic change which took place in my life and the right decision taken by me on the right time without being worried for the consequences makes me feel great today when I proudly call myself the son of Christ who is my living God and the only true source of salvation without whose blessing no one can be part of the eternal life. Praise the Lord. Amen. 

Matthew 11:28 – Come to me, all of you who are weary and loaded down with burdens, and I will give you rest.