Let The Little Children Come To Me | Matthew 19:14 | By Anthony Santiago

Anthony Santiago says; one of the horrible, sad and terrific things going on today is the abuse and misuse of children. Children all over the world are being used for profit, as sexual pieces, in factories and in different places to give other men their gain while the children didn´t ask for it. This is a sad reality that these innocent children would be used in such a way by horrible and horrific men. Jesus on the contrary did not act this way with the children.

Jesus said; “Let the little children come to me”. Even when the disciples were trying to push these children away Jesus did the opposite and He said; “Let the little children come to me”. I also find it interesting that it was through the lunch of a little boy Jesus chose to feed 5000 men. And I believe that Jesus how He used that little boy´s lunch wants to use children today to bring Him glory. Yes, He loves adult men and women who can read and know who Jesus is but I believe it is through little children as well that God wants to display miracles. I believe it’s through children that Jesus wants to change the world even.

And I think we should follow the example of Christ, we should also value children, we should see how great and how amazing they are and what they can do for the glory and for the Kingdom of God. Let´s not this time pass. Let´s not “not speak” about the injustice that is happening with the children all over the world. This is a sad reality that must be addressed. And we can best to this by following the example of Jesus and valuing these children to bring God´s Kingdom from Heaven here to earth.