Life of Apostates of Islam in Pakistan

The constitution of Pakistan gives the right of religious freedom to all its citizens but the reality is totally against this theory. If today you come to know the truth and you want to embrace Christianity then be assured that every Muslim citizen of Pakistan will have the license to kill you in broad daylight, to enter forcefully in your home and burn you alive along with your family or most probably a radical multitude chanting Allah Hu Akbar may kick and punch you until you stop breathing.

Who are these people? Where do they come from? Who gave them right to decide which religion others must follow? Or which God others should worship? Religious extremism has penetrated the society of Pakistan and the mentality of Pakistani Muslims to such an extent that you are not free to speak in Pakistan, you can´t express your opinion nor the freedom to decide which God you want to worship! Yet, the world says Pakistan and Islam both are very peaceful!