Life with purpose – By Pastor Samuel R. Garza

Life with purpose; life full of love for God; life lived to serve our Lord Jesus Christ, using the gifts He has given; a life which sets an example for others: this is how a true Christian´s life should be. Many people may have the goal to be millionaire, to travel around the world, to have luxury homes, to have giant business empire, but nothing can be more beautiful than having a life with purpose to serve Lord, to glorify His name, to evangelize His lost sheep, and setting good examples for others through our Christian acts. It is definitely a challenge to live such life that is completely based on the Word of God because there is temptation around us, and for being human we do fall sometimes but those who stay strong and do not leave the hand of their Lord overcome all the temptations, difficulties and challenges. Life seems beautiful when it has a purpose to serve our creator who made us, who gave us privilege to call us His children and above all who loves us so much. Today Pastor Samuel R. Garza from International Church Madrid will teach us about how and why we should live a life with great purpose.