“Live for Christ Die for Christ”; says an Ex Muslim, now serving Christ as Pastor

Live for Christ Die for Christ; this is what an Ex Muslim says. Pastor Joshua John, an ex-Muslim who now serves Christ as Pastor wants to convey a message to all of us through this video that if we live, it should be for Christ and if we die, that should be for Christ as well. Surrendering the life to Christ should be the only honorable task for a Christian. Many are coming towards God through Pastor Joshua. He was born in a Muslim family and before converting to Christianity he had spent various years of his life as a Quran scholar. But only our Miraculous God knows what he has decided for our life. He miraculously changed Pastor Joshua´s life and made him realize the truth. Pastor Joshua John was at risk of being killed by his own family, society and radical Muslims but despite all the consequences he could face he decided to serve Christ as one thing was very clear in his mind; Live for Christ Die for Christ.

Even today he teaches his disciples to dedicate their lives to Christ, surrender their lives to Him as He knows very well of how to take care of us. When He doesn´t let the birds die and feeds them then why would He let us dies when He loves us immensly. The ministry Jesus Christ for Muslims salutes Pastor Joshua John for his great services and sacrifices for Lord Jesus Christ. May God change many hearts and souls through him. Amen.