Love is NOT … Rude

Love is NOT Rude - Love of God - Luke 6,31 - Jesus Christ for Muslims

Luke 6:31 – Do for others just what you want them to do for you.

Can love be rude? No, it can’t be, because God is love and God is not rude. We can be! I wish I could say that I never acted rudely, especially to my family, but that would be a lie. We can be rude with each other, we can blare our pride and prejudices in the faces of other people. We can be rude with a tone of voice that is irritated, condescending, or spiteful.

All of these acts are rude acts. They never heal or lift up; they never renew. Rudeness is self-seeking, not other-seeking.

But God is not like that. He does not act unbecomingly toward us. He is always patient and kind. He loves us without demand or expectations. His love is purely unconditional, no strings attached. This is the love that builds and strengthens relationships. Rudeness on the other hand tears them down.

No one wants to be treated rudely. No one wants to be humiliated or embarrassed. That’s the point of the Golden Rule: “Do for others just what you want them to do for you.” (Luke 6:31). And this is even to our enemies. What Jesus is saying is that rudeness has no place in human relationships. There is never a reason to behave in an ugly, indecent manner.

The Bible encourages you to grow in grace and in your knowledge of Christ Jesus. Knowing Him changes you. He renews your mind and transforms your character. He works in you to develop a heart that trusts Him. In this trust relationship, God’s love is expressed through you. And that love is not rude.