Make Jesus Part Of Your Family

Blessings in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. May Jesus Christ be with everyone. Jesus Christ loves you. Today from the platform of Jesus Christ for Muslims, we again bring a short and beautiful message.

The message is very important and the message which I am going to share with you today is from the book of Mark, chapter 5. A man possessed with a legion of demons who was stuck with the legion and was tied up with chains. People wanted to chain him down but they couldn’t, he was badly possessed but when Jesus came there that man comes and falls on his knees and Jesus talks to that demon.

Many people didn’t understand this, why Jesus said that, because when you read in the book of Genesis chapter 49 verse 19 when Jacob was blessing his sons while blessing Gad he told him that he will be attacked by the band of robbers but he will turn and pursue them. This was the time when Jesus was at the place, where Gad’s descendants were living. This was the time when Jesus was going to set free Gad from the compulsion and attack of the legion and when Jesus talked to him and asked who are you? My name is legion, he replies, for we are many. This is around 6000 evil spirits in number and they begged him please don’t send us out of this territory; don’t send us out of this location.

Devil doesn’t want to leave your location. The devil will leave you, your child, your spouse but he wants to take over your siblings or anyone else in your family. You and I don’t have to kick the devil out of our lives or from our children or spouse only. But we have to kick the devil away from our entire family, from our family tree, from the lives of our new generation, our relatives, our friends, people we know and from our territory too.

The place where you are living in, Jesus must live there with you and when Jesus will live with you than the devil´s curse will go away from you. When you see this and study it that man was completely fine even he was sitting peacefully but when you read the next verse from 15 to onwards when people came to see him they were amazed. People started to plead with Jesus to leave their regions. Now just think for a moment that Jesus gave a solution to their big problem, yet they wanted Jesus to leave their area. Do you know what the devil wants? He wants you to receive a miracle in your lives but send Jesus away from your home. So please bring Jesus in your home and HE (Jesus) will work in your life. There is no other God who can do this.

Only Jesus can do it and only He has the authority to do that and if you study this when Jesus was leaving, the man who had been demon-possessed was sitting with Him. When you start sitting with Jesus than you start getting a life. That man said to Jesus I want to go with you and Jesus told him, no! but go and give the testimony to your family and friends about the Lord. There are many places where I or many servants of God can’t go but today people listening to me can reach there. Today the Lord is giving this message to you.

Today the Lord is speaking to you. Today the Lord is revealing His revelation to you. Remember your duty and go to the lost ones and share your testimony. Tell them about Jesus, tell them who Jesus is and what He can do. Jesus is the only one, who is God, became man and was crucified for us to take away our shame and curse. He came to give us life, and the reason to give us life is that He can live with us.

Please when you bring Jesus in your life make sure your family brings Jesus in their lives too. Bring Jesus in your Children’s lives, bring Jesus in your friend’s life and give first place to Jesus wherever you go. May God bless you! And whatever miracle you are waiting for we pray that you receive that in Jesus´ name. If you are suffering from any disease, distress then in Jesus’ name every chain and bondage is broken. In Jesus’ name, every disease and every curse is broken and Jesus will make everything new in you. May the glory of God be upon your life and may God keep on blessing you. Amen!

Pastor Daud Parvez