Marriage, old men and young girls

Marriage, old men and young girls - Child Marriage Islam

When the elderly Mohammed married Aisha she was merely six years old and consummated the marriage when she was only nine, he set up a cultural institution within Islam that continues down to the present day.

Child marriage is always an older man marrying a young girl.  I find it strange that the justice of these marriages is not examined.  I suggest that there are a number of serious problems with child marriage: 

  • The girls are often prepubescent, so have not yet reached an age of development in which sex is something they can physically do with safety or without great pain, if all.
  • The girls are forced to marry against their will, or at least at an age where they have no consent to give. Consequently, any sexual acts perpetrated upon them is indistinguishable from rape.
  • Many girls dream of marrying someone of a similar age to them once they grow up, not being forced into bed with someone old enough to be their father or grandfather – a physically repulsive notion to them.
  • Being very young, the older men are so much more physically powerful than them that any resistance on their part will be overwhelmed by the threat of brutal force, or by making threats against their family.
  • Alone and trapped, these young girls enter their own individual captivity in which they work for these older men by day and satisfy them sexually by night. Their childhood and dreams are stolen from them.
  • The relationship between the man and the child-wife is neither a romantic attachment nor is it a convenience for the pair of them: it is a one-sided use of power to overwhelm the will of a child.
  • Since most girls in Islamic societies have had their clitoris’ cut off under so-called female circumcision, dooming the girl to a lifetime of sexual unfulfillment and pain during intercourse, there is no hope of there being any pleasure on the girl’s part once she has developed into a woman. All the pleasure is the man’s – as one sided and wholesome as a man having sex with a corpse.
  • Once the child has grown up enough to become a mother, the children she rears may well grow up with an old man for a father – and quite likely he will die while they are quite young, making the situation of wife and children even more precarious.
  • If you study the girls’ faces in the wedding photos of these child marriages, you can see that either the child has no idea what is about to happen to her, or she is terrified and broken at the situation she has been forced into.
  • Finally, the biggest problem is that it seems child marriage is all about satisfying the urges of the men, men who are presumably unable to attract a mate of their own age, thereby revealing to the world around them how inadequate they truly are.

In many Islamic countries young girls from Christian homes are kidnapped, forcibly converted to Islam, married and forced to have sex with an older Muslim man, effectively a stranger.  Now trapped, she is forever estranged from her family and having to live as a Moslem, her Christian faith a secret devotion at best.  This is a calculated form of genocide against the Christian community, as great an evil as Al Qaeda or ISIS murdering Christians in their communities.

Child marriage Islam


Even the Islamic notion of heaven seems to be a pervert’s fantasy.  ‘Dark-eyed Houris’ are forever virgins, no matter how ever many times they are lain with.  If women or girls are not to your taste, then Allah will have for the good Muslim’s pleasure and delight young boys ‘like scattered pearls.’  Even to suggest that heaven is like this is a total blasphemy against a Holy God and His Holy Angels.  It isn’t those wicked kaffirs who are the blasphemers, it is every single sheikh and imam who has taught this all the way back to the beginning of Islam.  Perhaps their preferred punishment for blasphemy would be better applied to themselves?

This practice of child marriage should be compared to the way Jesus treated women.  He remained single, never touched a woman in that way, was respectful to their dignity, caring for their sufferings and merciful to them when accused.  Read how Jesus spoke to the Samaritan woman at the well (Luke 4: 4-26), the widow with the issue of blood (Luke 8: 43-48) and the woman caught in adultery (John 8: 1-11).   

Compare Jesus holy treatment of women with the treatment by Mohammed of women, who married many women, bedded many more as sex slaves won as captives in battles, and ‘married’ the child Aisha.

Who is the holy man?  Is Mohammed holy?  If not, what was he? Decide!

Child marriage is an abomination.  Children are not marriageable – this is why they are children.  They are marriageable only once their bodies are safely able to bear children and their minds are developed to cope with this responsibility, and that is generally no earlier than the age of sixteen.  Child marriage is a revolt against nature’s order, and whenever we see that in the world (child marriage, LGBTQ, the transgender fashion) we see misery, sickness, suffering, oppression and evil.

The suffering of countless young girls forced into child marriage and FGM is a stain on Islam and is an indelible black mark on the life of Mohammed, a clear sign he is no prophet of God at all.  For God is holy.

Only the Muslim world can reform itself.  To do that it must leave Mohammed and Allah and put its faith in Jesus and the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. 

It’s time for the Muslim world to come on home to the true God and be saved through the precious blood of God’s only begotten son, who gave Himself as a ransom for sin. The Lord bless you all,

Graham Ford
President – Jesus Christ for Muslims