A Message of encouragement for Pakistani Christians in Thailand – By Pastor David Michael Santiago

Thousands of Christian lives are at risk in Thailand and it seems no one cares. They fled from Pakistan because they were persecuted for loving Christ. They came to Thailand in the hope of being protected and heard.  Instead they are constantly threatened with indefinite detention and deportation back to Pakistan, where of course they would be murdered by the radicals. In Thailand, they are not allowed to work, have no money, no food, no education, and no medical aid.

Meanwhile they are ignored by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the international community. These genuine refugees are stranded into the endless statelessness. Although the UNHCR campaigns against statelessness, in practice in Thailand it does very little to help. They are part of the Body of Christ and all these Christian refugees seek is human dignity and the right to live and worship in freedom.

Today, through this video, Pastor David Michael Santiago, the lead pastor of the International Church Madrid conveys a message of encouragement for these persecuted and abandoned Christian refugees from Pakistan residing in Thailand. Let us join Pastor David Michael Santiago and pray together for our brothers and sisters in Christ.