Message of the day – Are we sincere with God?

Are we sincere with God - Biblical Christian Teaching

Message of the day – Are we sincere with God?

Luke 6:46 – Why do you keep calling me ‘Lord, Lord,’ but don’t do what I tell you?

This verse of Bible indicates about people who keep calling Lord Lord, but on the other hand for greed and personal interests they take advantage of God´s name and misuse it. For Being Christians it is our duty to trust in Lord and commit ourselves with His commandments. Some people pretend to be Godly through their noisy speeches but there are no signs of spirituality in their acts. And that shows how, many of us talk a lot about God but their daily acts are far from the way of living that Jesus Christ has taught us.

The purpose of today´s message is to teach you and to help you to understand that we must be faithful with our loving Lord and follow his teachings as only by doing so we shall set the example of being a true Christian. Respecting God´s Word will also make your Christian character and relation with God much stronger and you will be blessed abundantly in His name alone. Amen.