Message of the day – Denying God for worldly luxuries!

Matthew 10:33 – But whoever denies me before people I too, will deny before my Father in heaven.

This is for those who are call themselves Christians but often deny their Lord Jesus Christ and feel ashamed of His name. Due to uncertainty about who Jesus is, or their preferences for luxuries, interests and selfishness, they may deny faith and Lord. On many occasions they reject their God to save their lives and prevent any further persecution.

I know of a case where ISIS came into the town and told a man that unless he became a Muslim they would kill all his children (which they had done before). So, he buckled and became a Muslim.

However that be considered faithfulness to God? One can never be sure of when and where death arrives, and because of that fear they deny their loving God who suffered for us and sacrificed His life on cross for paying for our sins.

For our few temporary relations on this earth we put on the stake our relationship with God who is the only source of our salvation and makes our way towards eternal life. We may achieve all the luxuries on this earth, we may save our lives here, or the lives of our relatives, we may live a peaceful life in this world by denying Jesus´ name but does it worth to lose the relationship with our heavenly father for this temporary satisfaction? At some point, we have to find the steel in ourselves to say ‘Jesus is my Lord.’