Message of the day – Jesus the Healer

Jeremiah 17:14  “Heal me, Lord, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise.”

Today´s message is for my brothers and sisters who are suffering from some kinds of diseases. Our Lord Jesus Christ is the only supernatural source of healing. Blind eyes were healed in His name, lame were able to walk through his blessings, dead arose on his order. When He could perform such great miracles, why won´t He heal you since He loves you so much? The only thing that is required for you to receive His blessings is that you must seek. Seek with faith and with the believe that whatever you will ask for will be given to you, then He will heal all your diseases no matter how old, how complicated or how incurable those diseases are, because the entire power is in His hands alone as He is the creator of the nature and universe.

Those who are battling against death in hospitals, those who find themselves helpless in their daily life due to their physical disabilities must call him with faith and receive the healing in His name. Don´t lose faith; trust Him, as our Lord is alive and glorious. Bow down your heads, raise your hands and seek healing and blessings to our loving Lord Jesus Christ. He is the healer who holds everything for you whatever you need. Amen.