Message of the day – The importance of Gospel in our lives

Luke 11:28 – “But he said, “Instead, how blessed are those who hear God’s word and obey it!”

In this modern computer and smartphone era we have turned away ourselves from God. Day by day we move away from our creator, His Word and His immense love. There is time in our life for movies, video games, smartphones and all kinds of vulgarity but when it comes about God we have the lame excuses such as lack of time, busy life and economic crisis etc. We do respect and value all our daily routine activities but there is no place for Gospel in our lives. This is the reality that we ignore deliberately and pretend to be blind.

The Holy Bible says that those who read and hear Gospel will be blessed. The worldly things will always make us fall in temptation, but we must dedicate a little bit time of our busy schedule to our Lord on daily basis. My dear Christian brothers and sisters; make it your habit to spend some time to study Bible and also insist to do the same thing to your next generation which learns from you and through your acts. That way you and your family will be blessed by God. Amen