Muslims Must Read Quran With Translation

Do Muslims read Quran with translation in their own language? Although Quran exists in several languages but due to the myth that for appeasing Allah Quran must be read and recited in Arabic, Muslims read it in Arabic only despite that Arabic doesn´t belong to the majority of Muslims as their native language. They are forced to recite Quran and pray to Allah in a foreign language. How can they understand the real meaning of Quran then and how can they establish a relation with Allah in this case?

Reading a religious scripture is not about appeasing someone but it is all about having a personal relation with God. But the question is how can Muslims have that relation with their God when they do not read Quran with translation in their native language? Reciting Quran´s verses in Arabic and memorizing the entire Quran in Arabic without understanding the meaning of it won´t help them to get the salvation. On the other hand what kind of God Muslims have who doesn´t know any other language except Arabic?

Today Pastor Joshua John suggests through this video that Muslims must read Quran with translation so that they find the truth which will help them to come out of illusion and lead them towards Jesus Christ. Amen.